Our Process When We Groom Your Dog

1. Pre Groom & Wash

We like to start off our treatment with a thorough inspection, checking for matting or underlying skin issues. Once we are satisfied, it's off to the bath for a good wash and massage. This helps them relax and of course, smell fantastic.

2. Drying

We like to start with a towel dry, this is followed by a blow dry and brushing. This is imperative and is a great way to clear away any loose hair, whilst simultaneously massaging the skin to ensure a healthy coat.

3. Ears & Nails

It is vitally important to check the health of a dogs ears as well as cleaning them thoroughly, removing dirt or wax build up. At this stage we also trim your dogs nails.

4. Combing

After drying we extensively comb the entire coat, this serves a dual purpose. Firstly it ensures the comb will glide smoothly through the coat which will help with the final cut and will ensure we can be as precise as possible. Secondly it will mean that there will be less coat shedding at home.

5. Cutting & Styling

We listen closely to your styling preferences to ensure we give you the desired result.

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