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JR Alcantara

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With over 30 years experience grooming internationally

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Master Groomers Certification

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The student will groom two complete dogs per day and assist in the daily functions of a grooming salon. The prior list will be conducted on a daily routine to perfect and gain speed and knowledge of the job. An end goal of 4 to 6 dogs groomed in a day is  our aim.

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New Zealand dog grooming team gearing up for trans-Tasman showdown

"I’ve always been passionate about animals and JR offered me an opportunity to use my passion through grooming. He has taught me so much in the few months I spent training with him, from learning how to do basic clips to doing stylish breed standard grooms. Jr has given me the confidence to take on all breeds and handle all dogs of different sizes and temperaments. After my training, I then took the position to be a professional groomer at Golden Paws And enjoy expanding my knowledge and skills throughout the years. I’m very grateful to Jr for helping me become the groomer I am today."

Nicole Auld

"Our Siberian Husky came home looking 10 years younger!! He looks amazing, soft and fluffy :-) This would have been a huge task to undertake, thanks JR!"

Sarah Norrie

"Louie is a 6 year old Bichon/Poodle cross that I have been taking to JR for grooming since I adopted him at 8 weeks. He loves it, gets to see other dogs,  looks beautiful, and smells like a rose - not a dog!! I have a deal with JR to take Louie every two weeks,  that way he is never matted and it is easier on the dog and the groomer!! I am so pleased with this deal and the care and service we get from JR"

Kath Smith

"My Standard Schnauzer Cyrus always looks very handsome when he has been to his dog grooming appointment. The service is fantastic"

Hazel Turner Walker