The Importance Of Washing Your Dog

The Importance Of Washing Your Dog

Bathing your dog properly will help maintain a healthy coat and skin.

There is still a lot of misinformation around about how often you should bathe your dog, some still believe you shouldn’t bathe your dog more than once or twice a month and any more than this is harmful to your dogs skin and coat. Hopefully this blog will shed some light on proper dog bathing practice and how it can be beneficial for you and your dog. 


Let's start with the basics, why is it important to bathe your dog? Well bathing your dog is a good idea for several reasons:

• If you introduce bathing to your dog when they are young then the experience will be an enjoyable one for them, much like going for a walk or playing outside. 

• Bath time can be a positive interaction between you and you dog and this can really help strengthen the bond between you.

• Clean furniture. Yes, probably the most rewarding pay-off from washing your dog is that your furniture no longer smells of wet dog. This is because bathing your dog removes dirt and odor from their skin and coat.

• Washing your dog on a regular basis can lead to helping heal inflamed or infected skin and damaged hair.

• Finally, while it is something that can often be taken for granted, dog washing can be therapeutic and help improve the mood of you and your household. 

Bathing your dog weekly whenever he gets really dirty or smelly is a good idea and will help keep him healthy. If your dog has any skin diseases more frequent bathing can help ease their discomfort and itching. I advise seeking the advice of your vet in this instance. 

Choosing a shampoo

"Won't bathing my dog dry out their skin?". Frequent bathing won't dry out your dogs skin if you choose the correct type of shampoo. Some cheap shampoos are often full of harsh chemicals that can dry out the skin or coat if used too much, but an organic shampoo containing natural oils will usually be safe to use whenever needed; many are specially formulated to encourage frequent bathing. I always recommend reading the labels whenever buying shampoo as companies that claim to be "natural" will often still contain a lot of chemicals.  

I don't have a bath?

"What am I going to do, I don't have anywhere suitable to bathe my dog?". Don't worry we offer self- dog washing facilities here at The Dog Groomer NZ for just $25. If you would like to stop by and wash your dog just get in contact with us.

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