Improve Your Dogs Wellbeing

Improve Your Dogs Wellbeing

A recent study led by AgResearch and Massey University shows that your canine companion can benefit in a multitude of ways from eating a high meat based diet instead of a mixed "human-like" diet. 

“We already know dogs have no nutritional need for carbohydrates in their diet, so this study looked at the role different bacteria play in a dog’s digestion system to help us work toward a clearer picture of what the optimum diet for dogs is,” said study co-lead Dr Emma Bermingham of AgResearch.

Dogs were found to be healthier (
High meat diets are more digestible for dogs, more nutrients from a high meat diet are able to be absorbed. Dogs on a high meat diet had higher levels of the bacteria associated with protein and fat digestion, this means the food in their gut is broken down at a faster rate. Dogs on a high meat diet had smaller poo and better fecal health.) on a high meat, low carb based diet. This is due to there biological make up, we as owners often consider dogs to be part of the family but that should not extend to their dietary needs as dogs are first and foremost carnivores. View the full article here.

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