How My Dog Grooming Story Started!

My involvement in dogs started in 1984 in Los Angeles California. I started in obedience with a rescue Golden Retriever and took him onto a CDX. Soon to find out he had hip dysplasia. I got my second Golden and started in conformation showing and have continued ever since. I have always had a passion for working with dogs and made a career of it – which you can do in the USA.

I did an apprenticeship under respected Handlers and learned an incredible trade. I have been a kennel owner, dog trainer, dog groomer and professional handler for 34 years. Showing dogs professionally in the States was major part of my life, along with breeding over 50 German Shepherd Champions with kennel prefix ” Cantar” and some Lakeland terrier champions.

As a professional handler, I was able to exhibit many breeds to be top ten contenders in their breed. I was able to travel the country and world to compete. I attended Westminster K.C., AKC invitational show and National specialties for each breed I showed. It has been an incredible education and journey seeing many beautiful dogs over the years and meeting wonderful people. With my grooming experience, I started a grooming school in Beijing, China with a friend and taught many classes.

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