Chicken Mince

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100% Natural frozen cubes of chicken mince.

Price per Kg. 

Comes in 1Kg & 2Kg packs for Cats & Dogs

Purchasing my products guarantee’s no additives, no preservatives. Raw feeding should include bone, muscle meat and awful varieties. 

Feeding charts are a recommendation depending on dogs metabolism and activity level. Dogs should eat twice a day. 

0-3 months:  9% of body weight         

3 to 6 months: 6% of body weight

 6 to 8 months: 4% of body weight

 8 to 12 months: 3% of body weight

1 to 8 years: 2% of body weight

8 years+: 1% of body weight

Up to 16 weeks 3 meals (4 meals large breeds)   Then 2 meals a day